Bilia New Development Partner to the Footprint Level Circularity Meter™

Footprint Level receives renewed trust from Bilia, which is one of Europe’s largest retailers of cars, vans and trucks. Bilia enters as a development partner together with Adapteo in the development of Footprint Level’s second service – the Circularity Meter™.

“Bilia participated in the pilot study for our Circularity Meter™ and now chooses to go ahead and become a development partner. We are of course very proud of this renewed trust and look forward to the continued development work that will take place together with Adapteo as well,” says Mats Huss, CEO and co-founder of Footprint Level.

”We are really excited to move forward with the development of the Circularity Meter™ together with Footprint Level. Circular economy is an important part in the transformation to a more sustainable world, and a key part of Bilia’s business model. By developing a KPI that visualizes the complexity of a circular business we hope to better prioritize our work, as well as compare and learn from others.” says Malin Olea, interim Head of Sustainability at Bilia. 

The Circularity Meter™ is the second service developed by Footprint Level, after the CO2 Meter which was launched in March this year. The development work started in the fall of 2022 with a pilot study including four companies from different industries. The insights from the pilot are now fed into the continued development work, where business intelligence, including ISO’s work with the circular economy, is an important part. The circularity meter will be launched in 2024.

For more information please contact:

Mats Huss, CEO / Co-founder, Footprint Level, +46708134660,

Malin Olea, interim Head of Sustainability, BIlia, +46104971609,


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Footprint Level® develops services that visualise complex climate data in a simple way. Our first service shows the CO2-footprint of an organisation, over time and in relation to the Paris agreement. In 2022 we started the development of our second service – a meter showing the progress of an organisation’s circularity. Launch planned for 2023. The company was founded in 2020 in Skanör southern Sweden. Footprint Level® is the winner of Creative Business Cup Sweden 2021.