Footprint Level® Visualizes Your Climate Work – Launch of the CO2 Meter

The Swedish startup Footprint Level launches its very first service – the CO2 Meter. The meter shows the climate footprint over time, in a simple and pedagogical way, and makes it easy to understand both for external and internal stakeholders. The company was founded in Skanör, southern Sweden and is now housed in the impact startup hub Norrsken House in Stockholm.

– We need to improve the way we communicate complex sustainability information, says Mats Huss, CEO and one of the founders of Footprint Level. I have been working at design agencies with project in different parts of the world for more than 20 years, with clients in different industries, and I saw a need of a service like the CO2 meter. Even non-experts need to understand and be able to take well informed decisions based on facts, that leads to a better climate.

The meter is the result of many years of development work including a pilot study with a number of companies from different industries. The CO2 meter is based on sustainability data via the Green House Gas protocol, the global standard to measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions. It shows the CO2 footprint over time and in relation to the 1.5°C target in the Paris Agreement. The meter with a scale ranging from 1-100 is in the form of an icon placed on the webpage of the client and the score 100 indicates that the organization has reduced its CO2 footprint in line with the Paris Agreement.

– Hundreds of thousands of euros and working hours are spent on sustainability work, yet many companies have a hard time reaching out to both clients and their own staff with their progress. The ability to communicate this work externally, and internally, is a matter of survival. Our service simplifies  this process, says Martin Wainult, CTO and Co-founder.

The CO2 meter is the first service in a series of future meters reflecting the climate targets of the EU Taxonomy.

– The climate target, measured in CO2 equivalents, is the most urgent target in the EU Taxonomy, therefore it was natural for us to start with a meter for CO2, Mats Huss continues. However, we have already started the development of our next meter; for circularity.

For more information please contact:

Mats Huss, CEO / Co-founder, Footprint Level, +46 708134660,

Martin Wainult, CTO / Co-founder, Footprint Level, +46707833161,


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Footprint Level® develops services that visualise complex climate data in a simple way. Our first service shows the CO2-footprint of an organisation, over time and in relation to the Paris agreement. In 2022 we started the development of our second service – a meter showing the progress of an organisation’s circularity. Launch planned for 2023. The company was founded in 2020 in Skanör southern Sweden. Footprint Level® is the winner of Creative Business Cup Sweden 2021.