New Climate Meter displays CO2 Footprint in relation to the Paris Agreement

Today, Footprint Level AB is officially launched as a brand. The startup is developing a climate meter that shows how much the climate footprint for a company is changed, over time. Companies will be able to display their footprint in relation to the 1.5°C goal in the Paris Agreement. A clear communication system will simplify for companies, their potential investors and other stakeholders how their footprint is developing.

​– We connect our customer’s climate journey to the Paris Agreement, to clarify the communication for the company as well as investors and other stakeholders, says Mats Huss, CEO and Co-Founder of Footprint Level AB.​

​Sustainability communication is often produced by experts in science. However, the receivers of this are not seldom a great group of laymen in the field. The message can therefore sometimes get lost. More and more people and companies want to understand how the sustainability of companies is progressing. This communication should therefore be ajusted for this non-expert target group, both in text and graphics, to be clear and simple in the eyes of the viewer.

​– We have to realise that we are all on the same side in the battle for the climate, says Andrea Hägg, Sustainability Advisor and Co-Founder.

​Mats Huss came up with the original idea in 2017 and has since then developed the concept. In 2019 Karl-Fredrik Johnfors, joined as Concept Developer and Art Director. The brand was registered av PRV (the Swedish Intellectual Property Office) as Global Footprint Level® in 2019 and in 2020 Andrea Hägg, with a degree in Environmental Science, joined forces. The new company Footprint Level AB was founded in 2020 and the new shorter brand Footprint Level was registered at PRV in 2020. In December the company acquired its first paying customer; Altitude Meetings, and has also managed to receive “Letter of Support” from GoToWork, Karlstad University (CTF), WaterAid, Stockholm Business School and Altitude Meetings.

​For more information, please contact:

Mats Huss, CEO and Co-Founder, +46 708 13 46 60 or

​Andrea Hägg, Sustainability Advisor and Co-Founder, +46 768 76 37 91 or


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Footprint Level® develops services that visualise complex climate data in a simple way. Our first service shows the CO2-footprint of an organisation, over time and in relation to the Paris agreement. In 2022 we started the development of our second service – a meter showing the progress of an organisation’s circularity. Launch planned for 2023. The company was founded in 2020 in Skanör southern Sweden. Footprint Level® is the winner of Creative Business Cup Sweden 2021.