New Equal Board of Directors

Footprint Level® held its very first Annual General Meeting on July 19th 2021. The main topic on the agenda was to elect a new Board of Directors. During the build up of Footprint Level® the network has grown and a shortlist of Board Member candidates was created. We will now officially publish the new Board of Directors.

– Footprint Level® is levelling up to the next phase where we will raise our first financial round and then it is natural for us to set up a new Board of Directors to assist us in this important task, says Mats Huss, CEO and Co-Founder of Footprint Level AB.​

The New Board of Directors is:
Daiva Staneikaite Naldal – Board Member
Anna Branten – Board Member
Yaroslava Kudrina – Board Member
Mats Huss – Chairman of the Board, CEO and Co-founder
Karl-Fredrik Johnfors – Deputy Board Member, Concept Developer and Co-founder

Daiva Staneikaite Naldal is an international marketing and innovation leader with many years of career at the LEGO Group in Denmark. She is also a long term Strategic Advisor and Jury Member for the Global Creative Business Cup, and a passionate mentor for several startup networks. Daiva is a founder of DSTN-ventures in Denmark where she works as a strategist and advisor on future-fit innovation and business models.

– As we are transforming our lives into more sustainable models, every footprint in our journey counts. The Footprint Level® concept takes a unique approach to monitor the progress of the efforts through that journey, and that is motivating! I look forward to working with the passionate team and board members to bring the Footprint Level® method to many organisations and business around the world.

Anna Branten is founder at the Institute for Transition and initiator of the project ”The Yes Way”. She is a system entrepreneur, equality and sustainability advocat, business strategist and advisor to startups and management boards in questions regarding future economies, business models and equality. Anna is based in Skåne and has also been CEO of Ideon Innovation.

– It is my firm belief that we need new ways to measure and communicate around the large social transition that we are facing. The team at Footprint Level® has shown that they have innovative ways to make this happen and I am looking forward to participate on the journey.

Yaroslava Kudrina is an Attorney at Law specialised in Intellectual Property Law with a special interest in untraditional trade marks. Her articles have been published in Scandinavia’s largest business magazines. Yaroslava is based in Stockholm and she has a commercial insight from working in-house at Microsoft Sweden and as an online brand protection analyst at Ports Group.

– Footprint Level caught my attention as being an innovative company, which from the start saw the value of Intellectual Property and design. Learning more about the company, I joined their journey because I am a strong believer that the Footprint Level® environmental impact meter will lead to behaviour change and prepare our generations for a better future.

For more information, please contact:

Mats Huss, CEO and Co-Founder, +46 708 13 46 60 or

Andrea Hägg, Sustainability Advisor and Co-Founder, +46 768 76 37 91 or


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Footprint Level® develops services that visualise complex climate data in a simple way. Our first service shows the CO2-footprint of an organisation, over time and in relation to the Paris agreement. In 2022 we started the development of our second service – a meter showing the progress of an organisation’s circularity. Launch planned for 2023. The company was founded in 2020 in Skanör southern Sweden. Footprint Level® is the winner of Creative Business Cup Sweden 2021.

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