Pre-orders Circularity Meter™ – Available Now!

Footprint Level has carried out a pilot study on circularity from October 2022 until February 2023. Four companies of various sizes and from different industries were chosen to participate. The insights from the pilot will now be tapped into the next phase of the product development process. Starting today, we open up for pre-orders for our Circularity Meter™/Service and invite more companies to join the development.

– By placing a pre-order for the upcoming Circularity Meter™ companies and organisations will contribute to the continuation of the development of the service. Our plan is to launch the Circularity Meter™/Service at the end of this year. The meter will help organisations and companies visualising their level of circularity. The idea behind the meter is to provide a tool that facilitates sustainability communication – a capability that is becoming vital for businesses globally – with both internal as well as external stakeholders, says Mats Huss, CEO and Co-founder of Swedish startup Footprint Level AB.

– Many of the participants in the pre-study mentioned that they gained insights about their sustainability work that they weren’t expecting, says Martin Wainult, CTO and Co-founder. This is definitely an added bonus for companies that sign up for a Circularity Meter™ pre-order and take part in the development process ahead.

Circularity and the Circular Economy is becoming more and more crucial in the transition to a world with less CO2-footprint. Thus, becoming more circular for an organisation or company will facilitate the lowering of the CO2-footprint.

For more information please contact:
Mats Huss, CEO/Co-founder, Footprint Level, +46 708 13 46 60,
Martin Wainult, CTO/Co-founder, Footprint Level, +46 793 50 03 53,

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Footprint Level® develops services that visualise complex climate data in a simple way. Our first service shows the CO2-footprint of an organisation, over time and in relation to the Paris agreement. In 2022 we started the development of our second service – a meter showing the progress of an organisation’s circularity. Launch planned for 2023. The company was founded in 2020 in Skanör southern Sweden. Footprint Level® is the winner of Creative Business Cup Sweden 2021.

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